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We learn all about using the Alpha brainwave state in the Healthy Dimensions (HD) program.


We understand that research has shown, if we simulate success in the everyday challenges we face around food, it can make saying no to less-than-healthy treats a LOT easier.


The HD book describes several studies and explains how to enter the Alpha brainwave state to do such a simulation. However, the Alpha-state exercises are just one way to achieve the Alpha brainwave state.


Another way is to simply focus on something, like the clouds or even just the wall… and just zone out. Its really that simple. Also, we naturally pass through the Alpha brainwave state as we fall asleep and as we awaken.


But many people simply don’t want to spend time doing this kind of “meditation” every day, even if studies show that it would make staying on a plan significantly easier. I happen to be one of those “meditation is not for me” people.


However, I’ve successfully used the minutes as I’m settling in to sleep to conduct a simulation.


I imagine an upcoming situation in which it will be challenging to stay on my plan; I feel the feelings, see the people, and get deep into the experience.


Focusing in this way also quiets my mind and helps me get to sleep quickly. (That’s a bonus.). Even though it is only a few minutes at night, I have found that doing this at bedtime is very powerful and helps me stay on plan.


Recently it occurred to me that I was completely missing out on a whole other opportunity…the morning.


What if we woke up, and the first thing we did was ask “Who am I today?” What if we simulate how our whole day will be… first thing in the morning?


We can simulate success around our plan, but we can also simulate other ways we want to create our day?


Who am I today?


Am I the person who is feeling bad about something in my life?

Am I the person who is worried about things I can’t control?

Am I the person who feels like everything is out of my control?

Am I the person who thinks I’m just fine the way I am and stops judging myself?

Am I the person who is all about getting engaged in something that I’m interested in?

Am I the person whose day is so interesting and fulfilling that food is a second thought?

Am I the person who is so happy and proud to be sticking to my plan?

Am I the person who feels strong and in charge?


We know that simulation works in the Alpha state… it can grow muscles, improve free throws, and yes, it’s been shown to help people stay on a health plan, too.


You can also think these thoughts when you’re in a normal awake state. I hope you are choosing your experience all day long, but it has been shown to be more powerful in the Alpha state.


Try using those golden minutes when you drift off to sleep AND as you rise, to simulate your life and consolidate in your brain’s programs who you are choosing to be.


Let us know how it goes!