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Think of an antipasto plate: cheese, meat, tree nuts, pickled peppers, guacamole, fresh veggies, and dip. All are amazing low-carb snacks – perfect for a party and you can party with these delights every day. Cut up meat, green veggies, and cheese into snack-sized pieces and keep them in a baggie so you can grab them quickly.

Healthy Eating Tips: Looking for healthy foods? Check out this list of low-carb foods.

A few other crowd pleasers…

Green Olives

Keep a jar of huge delicious green olives in the fridge. Each provides a lot of fat and very few carbs. The salt also helps replenish important electrolytes you may be losing along with excess water. They’re portable and great to have on hand when hunger strikes and you’re looking for low carbs/high value.


Deviled Eggs

eggs deviled

They’re easy to make, inexpensive and delicious.  I almost always have them available. You might want to put the yellow goo in a cake decorating bag with a big tip and fill the white shells that way. It’s faster and more they’re more fun to eat!


Low-carb veggies and high-fat dip

Be sure to NOT use low-fat dips or dressings! Full-fat sour cream and mayonnaise are the basis for veggie dip; then add spices like southwestern or Italian or dill. Add some tiny bits of pepperoni or ham perhaps. Minced onions are good. Think of the dip as the meal and the veggies as the vehicle.


Pepperoni poppers and meat roll ups

poppers collage


Spread pepperoni with a little cream cheese and fold it over a pickled jalapeño. This is my #1 all time favorite snack. Goat cheese with a basil leaf is also delicious. You could substitute pieces of green onion, green olive, or crisp red or green pepper and use any semi-soft cheese. The deli often has 2 or 3-inch diameter pepperoni and it’s easier to work with, but the little ones are fun to eat.

In fact, you can do this with any deli meat! Wrap salami, turkey, beef, or ham and cheese around a vegetable. Add some aioli for flavor. These can be enjoyed cold or roasted in a high oven (or the microwave) if you like. You really don’t miss the phyllo dough that often comes wrapped around such delicacies. Make some ahead of time and cut them into bite-sized pieces, they make a superb quick snack.

Stuffed baby peppers/poppers

peppers stuffed


Whether they’re the little sweet ones or a hotter variety, small peppers are a great vehicle for the fat and protein we want and need. Start with cream cheese and/or other cheeses as a base and add whatever meat and spices sound good. The southwestern or Italian spectrums work well. Eat them cold or roast them in a fairly hot oven.

In the picture above there’s a chicken and cheese-stuffed poblano pepper. Miss jalapeño poppers? Start with halved, seeded, cream cheese-stuffed jalapeños and wrap each in semi-cooked bacon, then roast in a hot oven. Let the bacon get crispy and be sure to let them cool off or you’ll burn your tongue! Keep any of these cold in the fridge for a quick snack.

Chip/cracker substitutes

You can dip these in almost any dip you’d want… most dips are already low-carb. How about pub cheese, dill dip, cream cheese dip, warm queso dip, artichoke dip, or French onion dip?

Be careful with salsa – ones from the store may have sugar… sometimes quite a bit.

  • Pepperoni as a chip. A thick cut from the deli works best. Enjoy cold or make it crispy. Lay slices out on a cookie sheet and put in a 400-degree oven for just a few minutes until they get just a little crispy. Let them cool.
  • Red pepper dippers. These are even better than the pepperoni for all-around flavor. Cut red peppers in big enough pieces to be a scoop.
  • Sliced raw zucchini and celery are also great chip substitutes.
  • Fricos are fried cheese chips. It sounds weird but they are amazing.

fricos and taco frico_edited-1

Google “frico” for recipes. Basically, shred any type of cheese, put in small piles on a cookie sheet or frying pan (or make one big circle in a pan) and then crack into chips when cooled. Cook in a hot oven or over medium-high heat in a pan. Watch it carefully; they take only a few minutes. Cook until set and starting to lightly brown. If you’re using a pan you might turn it over for the last minute to brown both sides.

You can even shape them before they cool if you act quickly. Make a 5”-6” circle, and as soon as it comes off the heat wrap it over a rolling pin – and you have a taco shell! Some stores actually carry cheese only “crackers”… they’re pricey but cheaper than buying a new wardrobe because you gained weight from eating real crackers.