What’s the Healthy Dimensions Quick Start Workshop?

The HD-Quick Start Workshop is currently available in the Seattle, Washington area.
It provides the foundation and structure for you to discover, design, and begin your own individualized Personal Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan (PNLP). Many evidence-based tools are offered, and you choose the ones that work best for you.
You will learn how human metabolism works and how to correct a common metabolic disorder (excess insulin) that causes fat to be stored. Once insulin is reduced, cravings start to diminish, hunger is controlled and the body can begin burning fat instead of storing it.
You will also learn how the brain drives knee-jerk reactions and how to take control, change self-sabotaging beliefs, and end emotional eating. It’s easier than you think to get your brain working for you instead of against you in your weight loss efforts.
Participant interaction creates a dynamic and supportive setting. This interaction helps form a networking group to provide ongoing support for building your weight loss plan during your weight loss journey*.
 $499 +Tax
  • Sessions are intimate, limited to just 10 participants
  • Participants meet weekly for 7 workshop sessions
  • Each session lasts 2 hours
  • Workshop time is divided as follows:
30-40% learning about research-based cutting-edge approaches for success
30-40% structured group interaction and activities
20-30% open group discussion around Personal Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan challenges, victories, and discoveries

Healthy Dimensions – Session by Session

Session 1

  • Why Healthy Dimensions?
  • Why are you here? Why are we overweight?
  • What’s wrong with the current dietary guidelines: the history of human nutrition and the food pyramid.
  • Preparing for change.

Session 2

  • Report out/discussion.
  • Burning fat: The biology of fat metabolism: The impact of excessive insulin response on obesity and health.
  • Switching from the carb-craving cycle to fat metabolism: the process of discovering the metabolically correct diet for your unique body.
  • Begin developing the nutrition aspects of the PNLP.

Session 3

  • Report out/open discussion.
  • Willpower draws on a specific well of “mental energy” that can be depleted or strengthened. Eight willpower ninja tactics.
  • Automatic primal brain programs drive behavior and emotions. Change inner food monologue and use the brain’s chemical reward system to make it easier to stay on your eating plan.
  • Use simulation to pre-program the brain for success in challenging food situations.
  • Begin developing the lifestyle aspects of the PNLP.

Session 4

  • Report out/open discussion.
  • Health consequences of unknown food sensitivities: things to consider when building your plan.
  • The difference between hunger and the desire for food: food is fuel/feed the need.
  • Notice negative brain chatter, reframe and re-focus to control emotional eating.
  • Strengthen focusing abilities with attention training.

Session 5

  • Report out/discussion.
  • Stress chemicals destroy health, make us fat and ARE controllable.
  • Change your mind about stress and living a life that you love.

Session 6

  • Report out/discussion.
  • Health consequences and likely causes of chronic inflammation: things to consider in your plan.
  • How to TAME a binge and return to fat metabolism.
  • The power of an observer.
  • The science of happiness: 15 research-supported techniques for increasing happiness in life.

Session 7

  • Report out/discussion.
  • Setting realistic expectations and planning for long-term success.
  • Staying connected: organizing your ongoing support and networking team.
  • Graduation party!
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