Read what our grads have to say about Healthy Dimensions, their personal weight loss success, and resolution of health issues.

Debbie G update!*


I was looking for a holistic approach to weight loss – not just a diet! I had struggled for years to find a program that really addressed the overall physical and psychological aspects of healthy eating and living. Healthy Dimensions opened my eyes to just that way of life! The program explained from a biological perspective why my body was behaving the way it was and how to change that. She also provided a wonderful program for mental wellness, which helped with willpower and an overall positive outlook on life.


This program changed my life. It made me more healthy in so many ways, empowered me, and made me an individual who is so much more happy and at peace with myself. I’ve lost 45 pounds, become exponentially more active, and I no longer suffer from heartburn, headaches, joint pain, bloating, or bowel issues; I sleep better and I am more mentally alert than I have been in years. And a few months ago at 48 years of age I ran my first 5K race!


Debbie G. (Woodinville, WA)

Jayne M*


I absolutely LOVE your book! You’ve touched on every aspect that I and many others struggle with in our daily battles with weight loss. I think your personal experience really helped you communicate some much-needed information about making wiser choices, learning the workings of our bodies, and understanding how and why food affects our systems. The way in which you explained everything was enlightening and simplistic enough for those of us who don’t have any medical background. I have shared some of the information in your book with others, recommended your book, and told people they should check out your website. Thank you!


Jayne M (Niles, Michigan)

Kristin W*

My life has completely changed since I began eating this way. I love the results I have had with the weight loss and how good I feel. I can’t tell you how good it is to sleep through the night. I used to wake up several times a night, have night sweats and toss and turn. Now, when I lay down, I’m out! Even my husband has said that I am sleeping deeper, quieter. The aches in my joints are gone. My blood pressure is down. I’m not feeling so anxious about life in general. I feel peaceful.
The support of the other participants has been extremely helpful. They are there when I struggle. It’s like having a wing man when you need one. They are experiencing it too, so when I was first coming off the carbs, and felt crummy, it was nice to know others were experiencing the same thing. They got it. They understood and provided encouragement. It’s important to have support from others who are doing it too.
Being provided with research that backs up why this way of eating is healthy was important for me. It really threw me for a loop at first because it went against everything I ever learned. Knowing that there was scientific fact that supported low carb and high fat, grounded me. It wasn’t just some fly by night idea. It is so important to understand why this works and become informed yourself.
Kristin W. (Auburn, WA)

Kathy C.*

I got so much from the Healthy Dimensions program, but there was one really big surprise for me. I have had fibromyalgia for years and I am amazed at how much better I feel with the low carb way of eating, I think the inflammation in my body has really been reduced.  I had ankle pain that interfered with my ability to walk and that has improved dramatically. I also had other joint pain and swelling in my hands and feet, those are also gone.

I had a couple of weeks where I went off my eating plan and within a few days all those symptoms came back.  I am totally committed to this way of eating for life.  Losing weight is good, but even more important for me is how great I feel!


Kathy C (Salt Lake City, Utah)

Kellie D*

I am an experienced nurse. I thought what I knew about dieting was spot on. After all, I knew how to dig into diets as well as…or better, than most. Right? Well, I was wrong. I learned so much during my weeks spent with Betsy and Healthy Dimensions. Learning what Betsy had researched about nutrition was extremely eye opening. I learned what to eat, how to eat and when to eat. Not only did I learn a LOT about nutrition, but the Healthy Dimensions program also gifted me with positive changes in mindfulness and personal balance. My thinking felt clearer, my energy levels went up and I had an increase in overall positive attitude that I had not seen in a long time. If you are looking to lose weight and benefit from many other positive life changes, I wholeheartedly recommend Healthy Dimensions!
Kellie D. (Seattle, WA)

Pam R*

I was so impressed with the way you skillfully presented the science behind the nutritional/health side and the mind/emotional side – both so intertwined.  Understanding both definitely leads to more success – in fact, reading the book, with its reminders to breathe, to be present, to control how we respond to situations and to work on how we beat ourselves up trying too hard to please others, etc – all helped me personally stay calmer during a busy stressful time that I just went through


Pam R. (Athens, GA)


Debbie G*

Posted to Healthy Dimensions Graduates Group (used with permission):
I just have to share because I am so excited and so proud of myself…as of today I have lost 30 pounds! That is the biggest weight loss of my life! I am still journeying on (would like to see another 20 go away) but am feeling so great about myself in so many ways. Thank you for guiding me to this lifestyle and ladies thanks for being with me on this path to better health.
Debbie G. (Woodinville, WA)