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So you’ve been doing great on your weight loss program, but here come the holidays…now what? If you’re not careful, the holidays can be a slippery slope back into eating the way you used to. Here are some tips to stay on track!


As one of our participants recently said…remember it’s a holi-DAY not a holi-WEEK or holi-MONTH. If you choose to indulge in foods that aren’t normally on your plan, decide RIGHT NOW when, where, and how much you will choose to eat. Evidence shows making a plan with clear boundaries is what works.


As you plan to eat ONE of mom’s amazing Christmas cookies, remember that if you do, you may stimulate enough insulin and leptin to bring back cravings. This can lead to an out of control spiral. If you’ve been working your program, you know how amazing it is to NOT have cravings for carbohydrate foods.

If the cravings come back you also know that just a couple days of low-carb eating should give you relief. Review Chapter 9 in the Healthy Dimensions book and Week 7 in the HD Program workbook for recommendations on how to get back to fat metabolism!


For all those events in which you choose to stay on plan, set aside time to simulate success at these events. Imagine yourself meeting the challenge, having a great time, and feeling proud to align your actions with your choices. Success simulation will be even more powerful if you do it in the Alpha brainwave state.

Use the Healthy Dimensions recordings for a 10-minute break from your busy day or simply simulate success as you settle in for sleep, a time when everybody automatically goes into the Alpha brainwave state.


Start “changing your mind” about what is important during the holidays. Does it really need to be all about eating high-carb treats? Remember, food is just fuel! It’s not fun or solace or a cure for boredom. Listen carefully for true physical hunger and not just “I wanna eat.”

Send your brain’s PFC (prefrontal cortex) messages about what matters to you most this holiday season, and make plans to create fun and joy with family and friends that is unrelated to food.


Focus on gratitude. When you actively think about the things that you are grateful for in your life, there’s no brain bandwidth left over for feeling sorry for yourself. OK, so you’re someone who can’t eat a lot of holiday treats and still meet your goals for weight loss or maintenance; you happen to have a primal type metabolism and over-produce insulin in the face of a carb load.

It could be worse, at least you finally KNOW this about yourself now and can work with it. That’s certainly something to be grateful for!