My life has completely changed since I began eating this way. I love the results I have had with the weight loss and how good I feel. I can’t tell you how good it is to sleep through the night. I used to wake up several times a night, have night sweats and toss and turn. Now, when I lay down, I’m out! Even my husband has said that I am sleeping deeper, quieter. The aches in my joints are gone. My blood pressure is down. I’m not feeling so anxious about life in general. I feel peaceful.
The support of the other participants has been extremely helpful. They are there when I struggle. It’s like having a wing man when you need one. They are experiencing it too, so when I was first coming off the carbs, and felt crummy, it was nice to know others were experiencing the same thing. They got it. They understood and provided encouragement. It’s important to have support from others who are doing it too.
Being provided with research that backs up why this way of eating is healthy was important for me. It really threw me for a loop at first because it went against everything I ever learned. Knowing that there was scientific fact that supported low carb and high fat, grounded me. It wasn’t just some fly by night idea. It is so important to understand why this works and become informed yourself.
Kristin W. (Auburn, WA)