I’m trying to lose weight. What’s in Healthy Dimensions for me?

Have you tried and failed because you can’t stay on a “diet”? On the Healthy Dimensions journey, you will discover:

  • how conventional wisdom is wrong about the best way to lose weight
  • the cure for the common metabolic disorder that makes your body store fat instead of burn it
  • amazing evidence for simple mind/body tools to help you stop self-sabotage and end emotional eating

It’s all in the Healthy Dimensions book available here and the HD Program Workbook available here!

Here’s a suggested pace for your journey. In just 2 months you can experience a physical and emotional transformation and look forward to a lifetime where all your dimensions are truly healthy!

Week 1 – Chapter 1

  • Why are we overweight?
  • What’s wrong with the current dietary guidelines?
  • History of human nutrition and the food pyramid.
  • Preparing yourself for change.

Week 2 – Chapter 2

  • Do you have too much insulin?
  • Switching from the carb-craving cycle to burning your fat instead.
  • What you must know before trying low-carb.

Week 3 – Chapter 3

  •  8 research supported willpower ninja tactics.
  • Change the automatic primal brain programs that sabotage you.
  • Transform your inner food monologue using the brain’s chemical reward system.
  • Pre-program your brain for success in just a few minutes a day.

Week 4 – Chapter 4

  • How food sensitivities may be preventing success
  • The one key belief that changes everything.
  • How to enhance and use focus to control emotional eating.

Week 5 – Chapter 5 & 6

  • Hunger vs “I wanna eat”
  • Stress makes us fat: simple solutions to reduce stress eating.

Week 6 – Chapter 7 & 8

  • Chronic inflammation: things to consider in your plan.
  • How to TAME a binge.
  • The power of an observer.
  • 15 research-supported techniques for increasing your happiness in life.

Week 7 – Chapter 9

  • Setting realistic expectations and planning for long-term success

Throughout this process you develop your own perfect Personal Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan (PNLP) to help you finally win at losing weight*.

Order the Healthy Dimensions book here and the HD Program Workbook here!

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