It looks like Katie Couric is going to tell America that sugar really isn’t all that good for you.  You know Katie, she asks the tough questions and exposes the truth. Ms. Couric co-produced and narrates the new documentary Fed Up! In this film she takes on corporate food and throws in some good science around refined carbs and health.  After showing at the Sundance Film Festival, Fed Up! opened in selected theaters May 9th. Read more at US News and Rolling Stone.

I am fascinated how right at this moment our culture is swinging, right before our eyes.  Five years ago, the small voices decrying processed carbohydrates were still nearly drowned out by the anti-fat crowd.

But the research in the last half decade has been overwhelmingly in favor of restricted processed carbohydrates for weight loss as well as chronic illnesses.  And natural unprocessed fat has been found to be an excellent and healthy source of fuel for the body.  Increased fat percentage in the diet is associated with more successful weight loss.  That’s what the science says.

The anti-fat proponents still have a far reaching voice but I believe conventional wisdom is starting to reach a tipping point. It is great to see a mainstream major investment in setting the record straight, thanks Katie.  I’m looking forward to seeing this film!