Find your champion in the Healthy Dimensions program!

Everybody needs a coach and champion…especially with a major personal transformation. Person-to-person support is well known to increase weight loss* success. 

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The HD community is a powerful network to help sustain each individual as they discover their own unique approach to achieve a healthy weight and rediscover vitality in life
All active Healthy Dimensions members benefit from free email support with a nurse leader and online support via the Healthy Dimensions private Facebook community. Sharing of successes, challenges and interesting research keep the conversation lively. You might establish relationships that last a lifetime.
For those who participate in the seven week HD Quick Start workshop, the group size is intimate (just 10 participants) so all can engage and benefit. There is dedicated time for active interaction and open discussion about progress and challenges, which helps develop strong supportive relationships. Your group will understand the specific approaches you are using and be able to cheer you on long after the workshops are over.
The Two-Day Intensive Workshop also includes specific processes to develop and grow networking groups for after the weekend session.
Self-paced and Personal Coach program participants are encouraged to get some friends together and develop their own group. By the time the group works through the seven sessions (in seven weeks or seven months…it’s your own pace) they will provide outstanding free ongoing support.
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