This isn’t about what you think it is. You think I’m going to tell you how if you set a deadline for weight loss that it will help you. Like, I wanna lose 25 pounds by my friend’s wedding.


Sorry, that’s not where I’m going. In fact, I’m running screaming in the other direction.


I’m talking about all the deadlines you have in your life. How they stimulate the nag in your head. Auto-pilot programs saying “this is a rush, you gotta get this done now!”


There are deadlines around work and social life and even creative endeavors. When we have a lot of them, they create this hum, an underlying stress that is so vague we have to really pay attention to realize we’re feeling rushed…all the time.


One of the most important keys to staying on your plan is to be happy and peaceful in the rest of your life. If you could identify that hum and what’s causing it, you’d actually have a big opportunity to kick it up a notch on the joy scale.


Every time you identify something pending that is putting pressure on you, ask one simple question: Who set this deadline? A lot of times we establish our own artificial deadlines, and we do have the power to reconsider them.


Here’s a discussion I had with my brain today. I have to create this video for my son’s wedding in May. (You have three months!) I know it’s only February, but it’s the END of February and I want to get it checked off my list. (Why?) Well, because I have 18 other things on my list that I have to get done!


C’mon. Really? Is the world really going to collapse? Will everybody stop loving you if you’re not always do-do-doing?


Take some time to see what it might be like to not be so hard on yourself about being everything to everyone and also, while you’re at it, the perfect human being.


All you have to do is be.


Be here now.


You are a human being, not a human doing.