Betsy head shot NEW smallElizabeth Wright holds a Master’s Degree in Nursing from Case Western Reserve University. She is the founder of the Healthy Dimensions program and has both personal and professional experience in the area of weight loss.
After a 32 years of yo-yo dieting with significant weight loss followed by rapid regain, she applied her advanced practice nursing skills and became a student of the latest research on weight loss and health. She knew there had to be a better way. She is happy to share her personal before-and-after weight loss success story and all that she learned about making weight loss perfectly natural.
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At the age of 50 and weighing 200 pounds, Elizabeth had sleep apnea, elevated fasting blood glucose (sugar) levels, chronic joint pain and GERD.
By applying the principles and techniques that she uncovered in her research, she lost 55# and has maintained a normal weight for more than four years*. All of her health problems have been eliminated.
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Through exploring research studies from human biology, endocrinology, psychology and neuroscience, Elizabeth found key evidence-based principles that can act synergistically for reliable, permanent weight loss. These principles have also been shown to enhance overall health and life satisfaction.
brain smallAfter realizing how well this mind/body approach worked, Elizabeth drew upon her research and experience as an educator to develop a process that guides individuals to their own best nutrition and lifestyle plan – one that works perfectly and is easy to live with.
Elizabeth has spoken about this research at professional conferences that related to the topics of insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. As a nurse, she understands the holistic approach that is necessary for long-term success, and that permanent weight loss requires healing of both the mind and body.
With a profound desire to help other people, she feels there is an important message to be shared about using the best evidence and a whole person perspective in weight loss efforts.
She believes that obesity is a multidimensional problem and so the cure must be as well. Her passionate goal is that many people will achieve better health and be joyful in their new bodies.