Get all the content in the HD Quick Start Workshop with personalized coaching from a nurse leader

If you really need motivation and a structure for success, consider the Personal Coach program! Your personal nurse leader coach will dig into the details with you 1:1 and help you understand how your unique body works, and how to turn it into a fat-burning machine. Your coach will help you solve challenges as you start your journey and begin to set weight loss goals.

This program includes eight weekly 30-minute telephone conversations. After that, you can continue to purchase time or simply transition to your free email support that lasts a full year!

One participant said “Talking to you made all the difference in the world! I remember one day I was ready to bail but you helped me see how to change my thinking and put my goals up front. I know the personal conversations and coaching were the game changer.”


Personal Coach_small
You get:
* Healthy Dimensions book, Program Workbook, and Alpha State recordings
  (value $45)
* Eight weekly 30-minute private support calls with a nurse leader to assess your needs and provide guidance to get you on the road to healthy dimensions
(value $480)
* Lifetime membership in the Healthy Dimensions Facebook group
* Free email support from a nurse leader for a full year
(value $240)
Total value $765
Just $399!
Additional telephone support is $30/15 minutes
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